无限, 2012, acrylic paint on canvas, 28” x 22” or 71.12 cm x 55.88 cm. Private collection, Singapore. Part of the “Invisible Connections” series.

In 2012 I was privileged to have access to Instinc Studio at WCEGA Tower, Singapore for close to a year. This allowed me the time and space to create and develop a series of abstract paintings, which were initially inspired by a different project – the fast and intense act of pouring coloured resin mixed with a hardener to form a polyurethane floor. Eventually, the abstract paintings were exhibited together with a series of soap sculptures by a Japanese sculptor Maiko Sugano in a joint exhibition titled “Invisible Connections”.

Although each painting in this series can be viewed individually, they are also all connected as a whole due to my working processes of creating them, hence the idea of “Invisible Connections”. Like people, the paintings are part of a much bigger picture, but they also have their own stories and unique personalities. Some paintings are more textured, having been exposed to more stress such as being soaked in puddles of water, which in turn leaves scars and wrinkles. In one sense, the physical support of the canvas can be seen as an analogy for our material bodies.

And yet, there is no right or wrong way to view these abstract paintings. What you see and feel may be very different from what I perceive, and each different interpretation can be equally valid. Some people see faces in some of these paintings, some behold a glimpse of the underwater world, and others endowed with a rich imagination have revealed stories to me that I would otherwise not have known. The given titles are but one possible way of entering each work – you are free to enjoy these images in your own way.

Interested to see how the works were made? Find out here

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