Hsiung Lu-Fang

Lu-Fang received her Diploma in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore in 2007, and has worked with a small range of mediums and forms, exploring both representational and abstract paintings, and some sculptural and conceptual work.

Arising from a fascination with the flowing movement of liquid paint, in 2012 she started to create a series of abstract paintings on canvas which culminated in a joint exhibition “Invisible Connections”. While each work could stand on its own, the works were also all connected through her painting process, with canvases laid on top of each other while liquid paint flowed from one canvas to another. The idea that developed from the process of working on that series of artworks was how it related to the interdependent and interconnected nature of beings, whether we are aware of it or not. There was also the observation of the canvas ground being analogous to material bodies, subject to natural forces and transformation through time, and paint as a metaphor for memories and sensory experiences.

Lu-Fang’s past artworks have tended to manifest in forms that reveal her love for colour. Drawing inspiration from introspection, observations on the inner workings of the mind and on the human condition, as well as reflections on the temporal and the eternal, her abstract paintings often evoke associations with nature, imaginary landscapes and narratives.

Past projects include INSTINC 10: The Great Collaboration in 2014 and a self-started painting collaboration with another abstract artist Valerie Ng (Singapore/Malaysia) that culminated in a joint exhibition “Liquid Textures: Uncharted Depths of Abstract Surfaces” in 2016.


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