27 October 2010

“Based on data documenting how time was spent on 27th October 2010 as a knitting pattern, this scarf is also a physical representation of 24 hours spent, consisting of 576 rows of 30 stitches per row, where each row takes an average of 2.5 minutes to knit, adding up to a total of 1440 minutes – 24 hours.

How accurate is this information? Can this information be used?

A scarf has the capacity to keep the wearer warm, but can it do so if it is displayed as an art piece?”


2011_27 October 2010_detail 3_Lufang

2011_27 October 2010_detail 2_Lufang


27th October 2010
knitted scarf
“inFORMATION” group exhibition
The Substation Gallery, Singapore

* Photo credit for featured cover image: Lim Kok Boon


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