Trust your Journey

随缘、随顺、随喜、随安。2013, acrylic paint on canvas, 120 cm x 170 cm. Private collection, Singapore. Part of the Invisible Connections series.

From the spontaneous pooling and gathering of colours overflowing from other smaller paintings onto its canvas surface, “Trust your Journey” can be likened to how each of us is shaped or influenced by other people and their experiences, and how all of us are connected directly or indirectly, whether as families, friends, or even strangers. 

DSC07731 S

In fact, the name came about after I saw a Facebook post by another Japanese friend – she had shared an image of a green and white signpost, with a beautiful azure sky above, and a glimpse of the sea and hills in the distance. On the sign itself were the words “Trust Your Journey”.

The phrase resonated because as with the spontaneous process of creating the painting, there are often many uncertain moments in life when one is not sure what will happen next. At times, the canvas was also partially obscured by dense or opaque pigments in puddles of wet paint.


DSC07735 S

When the puddles of colour had dried however, I felt that as a whole, the artwork had naturally arrived at a beautiful moment with minimal conscious intervention on my part.

2013_Trust your Journey_Lufang



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